Get Inspired: Sewing Box

Basic supply list to get you started: Basic and Colored Threads Buttons Seam Ripper Pins Fabric Scissors Measuring Tape Sewing Needles Pin Cushion Thimbles Favorite places to purchase sewing boxes and supplies: Joann Fabric, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Amazon

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Lost Dog

Not long ago, I was saved by a stranger. I somehow got lost and was running through a neighborhood, across busy streets, dodging cars left and right, boy was I scared… Then I noticed a friend beast following me, she seemed trustworthy and smelled like other dogs so I willingly ran up to her. AtRead more

10 Exciting Websites to save you Money Right Now!

Happy Thursday everyone 🙂 Tomorrow’s Friday!! Times are tough for just about everyone anymore, budgets are smaller and prices are higher.  So today I wanted to share a few of my favorite money saving blogs and websites.  These sites are true gems.  From DIY to Coupons to Sales, these websites will get you on theRead more

Why Being an Introvert SUCKS!

There are tons of articles lately about how to treat introverts, because apparently we are aliens.  For you introverts out there I highly recommend “The introvert advantage” it’s a great book to help you better understand yourself.   Along with all the “wonderful” things that make introverts special, let’s talk about some reasons that being anRead more